Select Systems provides the bespoke development of hardware and software for third parties in addition to being active members of the open-source software community. For over 25 years we've been developing software for all types of embedded devices and PCs.

The company is currently launching two community projects in the State College, Pennsylvania area:

  • DevOps Cafe - State College is a monthly meeting of software professionals to discuss successes and failures with "devops" techniques.
  • We're the local "Ignite Gurus" and plan to launch the area's inaugural Ignite Event in the fall of 2012 as a practice run for Global Ignite Week the following spring.

We're members of several open source projects and will soon be releasing two of our own projects under the open-source banner.

If you're currently a client, your projects should appear after you've logged in. The modules installed for your projects, the trackers available for creating issues and your permissions may vary depending on the type of project we're undertaking for you.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, please send an e-mail to . Likewise, if you encounter a problem with this site or with any of our projects, please send an e-mail to . We look forward to serving you!

Latest news

Selesy: How to Build a Website - Before the HTML and CSS
This article provides a high-level list of the steps required to create the web-server where you'll host your website.
Added by Steve Moyer 5 days ago

Selesy: Recommended Firefox Plugins
Added by Steve Moyer 8 months ago

Selesy: REST Bootcamp - With JavaEE 6
End-to-end steps used to create a RESTful project using JavaEE 6.
Added by Steve Moyer 8 months ago

Selesy: Thick-Client Versus Web-Client
Tim Bray discusses whether client-side programming will ever reach the stability of current server-side systems.
Added by Steve Moyer 11 months ago

Selesy: Programming Language Checklist
Sometimes people produce brilliant tech-humor - this is one of them! Reasons your language will fail.
Added by Steve Moyer about 1 year ago

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Latest projects

  • AfBo (05/15/2014 10:08 am)

    Listens to the public Twitter stream for users asking questions.

  • DevOps Cafe - State College (05/21/2012 04:23 pm)

    DevOps Cafe - State College is a monthly meeting of professionals interested in discussing and possibly experimenting with the techniques discussed by John Willis and Damon Edwards on the DevOps Cafe Podcast. If you're not familiar with the devops movement, listen to several of the shows. Discussions will center around build automation, continuous integration, continuous testing and continuous deployment and will be initially focused on these tools:...

  • Selesy (05/16/2012 05:46 pm)

    This project serves as a repository of useful wiki pages and documents as well as providing issue tracking for problems with our company's web-site and ancillary systems. Any posts that don't seem to belong to a specific project will be made to the company's general news feed found under the "News" tab above....